Week 1 - 4 Report

First Week

During the first week, We setup our environment for

  • Nodejs
  • Vue-cli
  • Python3
  • BeautifulSoup4

Some Knowledge learned:

  • Basic Vue.js Router and Components.
  • Use urllib3 and BeautifulSoup to get data from different pages and don some data analysis.

Plan for next week:

Get a detailed database of all courses of RPI in JSON format.
Write basic webpage for project

Second Week Post

Finished Part:

  • Grab data from SIS for both Spring and Fall semesters.
  • Finish “add Semester Button”
  • Current working on:

  • Make a new Logo

  • Do housekeeping.
  • Finish “Export” function by using Deflate Algorithm.

Plan for Next week:

  • Working on “Export to PDF” Function
  • Optimize User Interaction Experience with “Add Course” Module.
  • Redesign Some modules’s UI.

Third Week Post


  • Working on “Export to PDF” Function
  • Optimize User Interaction Experience with “Add Course” Module.
  • Finish the Slides for presentation in few weeks letter.


  • Logo Design.
  • Optimize User Interaction Experience.
  • More housekeeping work.

Fourth Week Post


  • Finish Official Logo design
  • Slides for presentation
  • Prepare the demo data for presentation.


  • Allow users to customize the semester name.
  • Fix a bug that can’t drag and drop among empty semesters.
  • More housekeeping work.

Project Organizer


This is the first blog for V2Grad - Organizer Project.


Project Name



Organizer is a tool to help students plan their courses in multi semesters. By drag and drop the courses in the course list, the course arrangement for many semesters will be done in seconds.


  1. Course information from SIS (sis.rpi.edu) and Catalog (catalog.rpi.edu).
  2. Easy Drag and drop to plan your semesters
  3. Set restriction for Fall/Spring only courses.
  4. Export the whole multi-semester plan to PNG or PDF type.
  5. Automatically check if the arrangement meets the CAPP report.
  6. Save the result to local disk and can load and modify at any time.


  1. Decide what technologies should be used in this project.
  2. Build up Frameworks.
  3. Create crawl for related course information
  4. Create Basic Elements in the core frontend.
  5. Finalize data structure for process course information and requirements.
  6. Finish Basic Frontend operations.
  7. Finish Save / Load data function.
  8. Finish Export function.
  9. Finish CAPP Report check.